How to be attractive to women

Not everyone was born charismatic beauties of high stature, attracting girls’ looks. Let’s face it, not many people were lucky enough.

Do you go to parties, but do beautiful women bypass you? Or do they talk to you nicely, but still give preference to others? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself a lot of questions about why. And what’s wrong with you. In this article, let’s talk about how to be attractive to girls.

Find some dignity in yourself.

Every person is something special. It’s not for nothing that the universe has made us completely different. Find the dignity in yourself. What positive character traits do you have in your arsenal? You can compare yourself to others you know in this way: «They are like this and that, but I…» Soon you’ll realize you’ve got everything you need to get a girl interested. Feel more confident. Because the one who radiates confidence is what everyone likes. And if you’re interested in be attractive to women, go to the website.

But don’t forget that there’s another step:

Learn to work on the flaws

To admire yourself, praising your personality and at point-blank range without noticing the shortcomings is also not worth it. With this approach, you can turn into a self-loving samodura, and no one likes these. Follow the line, remember that man is not perfect. But the negative traits are given not to worry about them, but to work on them.

Everybody has them, and to make them smaller, we have to eradicate them. Are you embarrassed? Always ask yourself the question, «What would I think of a girl who…?» For instance: «What would I think of a girl who came up to me to ask me the way to the store?» No, well, what would you think, really? Oh, nothing! I wouldn’t think she was stupid, wouldn’t throw herself at her screaming, wouldn’t send her or eat her. If you answered, you moved on. So why should other people be different about it?
If you have such a flaw as to sprinkle bad jokes with excitement, learn to bite your tongue in time.
Anyway, work on yourself, and you’re gonna make it work.

Pay attention to your appearance.

Girls like tidy guys. If you don’t know how to be attractive to girls, learn to keep yourself tidy. They’re very committed to it, believe me! Let’s start from top to bottom:

no ridiculous hairstyles, no dirty hair. The haircut is neat, the hair is always washed;
shave more often, no one likes barbed bristles. Especially when after kissing on girls’ cheeks there is a painful irritation. If you think that bristles make you look like macho, let go a little longer than «three days» and then level it with the machine. That’s how it spins less. Do you have a mustache and a beard? Keep it tidy.
use antiperspirant and perfume. Girls like to smell nice from a guy. Don’t let go of armpit vegetation from which you can weave a braid and wrap it twice» The same goes for the «same» place.
Wash every day.
special attention to the socks. Many men have problems with this, which make a repulsive impression on girls. Every day, Everybody, put on fresh socks. And wash them in advance so that you don’t find out in a hurry: clean socks are out, you have to take them out «from the dry laundry» (i.e. from the dirty laundry basket).
Your clothes shouldn’t necessarily be expensive, but clean — you should. The same goes for the shoes.

You can also start going to the gym. You don’t have to «pump up the frame», it’s important just to be in good shape.

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