How to choose clothes for a date

Butterflies in the stomach. Anticipation. Nervousness. Sweating pens.

These feelings in most cases accompany the first date. Will he kiss you goodbye? Will it open the door for you? Will this special romantic «chemistry» appear between you? Most of these variables are unpredictable, which only increases the excitement (and the tension within). Plus, you definitely want to look great. You need to choose an outfit that will make him speechless. This is the «wow» moment that creates the first performance. But how do you choose the perfect outfit for that first date? So as not to spend a lot of money and time on preparation.

1. Clothes should be comfortable

No, that doesn’t mean you have to put on damn comfortable sweatpants and slippers, yoga leggings or a beach robe. Yes, you want to feel comfortable, but you also want to make a positive impression. Comfort means clothing that won’t distract your attention from the date itself. It is unlikely that you will want to adjust your skirt or T-shirt all evening, as they are very narrow or very wide. For details, see the link

2. Take note of the location of your date

Ask your own partner a question about where you are going to decide on an outfit. If you know that he is calling you to a restaurant, then you will need an elegant dress and heels. If you go to the movies, then opt for jeans, a cute top, and comfortable shoes. If you go outdoors, choose shorts and sneakers. Under all circumstances, your outfit should be functional and appropriate.

3. Don’t waste a ton of money

Let’s be honest, men don’t notice labels. They don’t care. This means your partner won’t see the difference between clothing purchased at a sale or exclusive designer pieces that cost a fortune. Choose something more unpresentable, including the most popular and inexpensive “no name” brand.

4. Add some brightness

If your goal is to highlight your femininity, wear a sophisticated dress or skirt, and heels as well. This will make you feel sexy and desirable, and it will add more determination to yourself. You can go for the traditional «little black dress» and add some flamboyance with accessories. By the way, red in this case is a very favorable and seductive color that suits any skin tone. Pull your hair up to reveal your neck and shoulders, and choose large earrings.

5. Look sexy, not defiant

Yes, there is a difference. You can expose small areas of your own body, but very unobtrusively. No, this does not mean a minimum of clothing. You can look sexy in a less obvious way. Look for an outfit that covers the top but shows your legs. If you like trousers, then the top may be slightly low-cut.

6. Be yourself

The most integral part of choosing clothes for your first date is remembering that you have to be yourself. After all, your connoisseur picked you, not some artificially created image. You don’t need to try to look shocking and catchy if this absolutely does not correspond to your character. Beware of unnecessary make-up, overly flashy jewelry or intricate clothing patterns. Classics and sexuality always work flawlessly. Show your true self. After all, your partner called you out, not your outfit.

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