Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Cannot Get Pregnant

Problems with conception in 60 per cent of cases are due to disorders in the female body.

And the causes of female infertility are much greater than those of men. These may include lack of ovulation, endocrinological diseases, obstruction of uterine tubes, neck mucus with antibodies to sperm and many other factors. And if you are interested in the reasons why your girlfriend can’t get pregnant, go to

Proper preparation for pregnancy. Will vitamins help you get pregnant?

Preparing for pregnancy is an important step on the way to motherhood. And the main factor in preparation for this exciting moment is proper nutrition. It is important for the expectant mother, like the father, to change her diet to natural products. Today, the counters of grocery stores are filled with products whose list of ingredients is filled with various flavours, emulsifiers, sweeteners, preservatives and other harmful compounds.

IMPORTANT: Some food additives can not only harm the body, but can also cause infertility. Most of them have a negative impact on male spermatozoa. But it is also desirable for women who dream of getting pregnant to stop eating such not very useful products.

When planning a pregnancy, you should include various vitamins in your diet. This should be done 3-4 months before conception. Vitamins are especially useful for women who are planning a pregnancy in the winter or spring.

When preparing for pregnancy, partners should get rid of various sexually transmitted infections. Some of them put an end to the process of conception. But, there are also those that have a detrimental effect on fetal development and can become a threat to miscarriage and developmental pathologies.

It is also very important to eliminate stress from your life when preparing for pregnancy. In these conditions, the body produces corticosteroid hormones. Not only can they cause various diseases, but they also have a negative impact on pregnancy.

Why does it take a long time to get pregnant?

The lack of a desirable pregnancy can be caused by problems in both the female and male organisms. If the desire of spouses to conceive a child the desired moment does not occur, they need to undergo a comprehensive examination to identify the cause of this problem.
Factors that have a negative impact on pregnancy include gynaecological and hormonal problems. Stresses, hypertension, bad habits and other problems can also lead to the absence of conception.
Specialists at the Women’s Clinic may be asked to talk about transferable infectious diseases and operations. If the woman has already experienced the happiness of motherhood, the doctor may ask how the pregnancy went. In order for a specialist to be able to provide qualified assistance, it is necessary to try to answer all their questions truthfully.
If pregnancy is difficult, specialists from a family planning centre or an antenatal clinic can prescribe progesterone tests, a postcoital test (vaginal mucus test 6-10 hours after intercourse for antibodies that kill sperm), blood clotting tests and a thyroid test.

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