Solid wood advantage

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen drinking tea with friends, having dinner with the family.

When arranging this room, take care to make it as comfortable as possible. To do this, buy the appropriate equipment, chandeliers, chairs and, of course, a beautiful and reliable dining table. Ideally, it should be made of solid wood. And if you are interested in an array of solid wood dining tables, please click on the link custom made tables.

Material and shape

Today, many people can afford to buy a table from the array, because the manufacturers of furniture offer their products at competitive prices, you can get a quote in this store. To create such products, they use hardwood:

  • pine;
  • oak;
  • ash wood.

These materials have similar characteristics, but differ only in natural wood pattern and color.

As for the shape, the most original and spectacular look round tables. Thanks to the absence of sharp corners, they are ideal for families with small children. Similar designs are bad only that cannot be used in a close premise.

Rectangular wooden models are a practical choice for large families. They do not take up much space and are harmoniously combined with any interior. As to square designs, their universality differs from others. Square tables can be placed both in spacious and small kitchens. In the first case, they are placed in the center of the room, and in the second — against the wall or right under the window.

Dimensions .

When buying a table, measure the width of its countertop. It is believed that it should be at least 80 and no more than 105 centimeters. Narrower tables are difficult to serve, while wide tables are difficult to sit at — difficult to reach for food.

Pay attention to the height of the table. It should be at least 60 centimetres high. Only in this case the construction will be comfortable to use. If you are not too tall, choose a taller product.

Advantages of wooden constructions

There are many advantages to dining tables made of solid wood. Above all, they look stylish and noble, becoming a decoration of any room. It is also important that they are able to serve for centuries without breaking down. Over time, wood treated with special protective impregnations does not rot, swell or crack.

The advantages of wooden tables include environmental friendliness of the material from which they were created. Wood does not emit any harmful substances, does not cause allergies. Tabletops from a tree are unpretentious in care and wearproof.

Wood is a material that allows designers to implement any of their ideas. They make of pine, oak, ash and alder not just kitchen tables, but real works of art that look worthy in modest apartments and luxury villas.

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