How to please a woman

The good looks of a guy or an adult man, financial security and power for a modern woman are not important criteria when choosing a partner.

How, then, can you please your girlfriend or woman? We tried to identify in men the qualities that fascinate and drive women of the mind. Anyone who wants to please a woman must be able to listen, be obligatory and constant. Do you agree with this, our dear men? Therefore, if you are interested in why women reject you, go to the site

Use pleasant manners to impress a woman.

1. Women like reliability

Taking care of the dog, own garden, attentive attitude to the elderly, listening skills, courtesy, responsibility — beautiful men from the inside bribe and attract a woman. And completely opposite feelings are caused by bad manners, inability to fulfill obligations, a mountain of unpaid bills, untidiness and a mess in the house.

2. Humor wins women’s hearts

If you can make a woman laugh, you have a better chance of winning her heart. A radiant smile and a talent for telling funny stories testifies to openness and creativity. Sharing laughter promotes social cohesion and removes all barriers to further interaction. For those who crave concrete, the more you laugh together, the more romantic moments you will have.

3. Women love men with a desire for growth

Not a single woman in her 20s wants to even think that at 65 she will live like everyone else — dragging out a boring existence in some apartment block building. Men, use all your intellectual capabilities, charisma, golden hands, be inspired yourself and inspire your soul mate — then your life will become an exciting adventure for both. Move forward step by step, improve your life — this will seal your union, and love will never lose its brightness.

4. Specific goals make men attractive

People want to identify with other people, especially with their partner. This has a practical reason — after all, we spend most of the time together. A shared vision of life and shared goals greatly strengthens the union. Men and their partners who walk together towards the same long-term goals (for example, building a house, traveling around the world, or having offspring) maintain a romantic spark in their relationship for a long time.

5. Women like well-groomed hands

A study by a British company in the fashion world recently found that women prefer to date boys in the neighborhood rather than fashionable boys. And we can be happy about that. But, nevertheless, this very boy must be neat. What is especially important is the well-groomed hands. The reason is simple: who loves the touch of rough hands with gnawed nails?

Women love to laugh. But be careful with jokes, especially if you don’t know the woman well.

6. From the hands of the well-groomed to the hands of gold

Many of us spend our working day in front of a monitor screen, clicking a mouse button. Now you are probably doing just that. What about physical activity? Those men who know how to glue wallpaper, drill and saw, signal the woman that they can also equip a cozy family nest. And let’s be honest, we all like people who know how to do something with their own hands. Men, to please a woman — be skillful!

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