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The advantage of Instagram for business

A very large audience and a lot of marketing opportunities — the answer to the question of why entrepreneurs spend money, time and effort to promote their own business in Instagram. But if you are not clear even nowadays how and what to hit your own audience in this social network and what tasks a business account in Instagram can solve, read this material.

Advantages of Instagram for business

Social network Instagram now provides very great opportunities for business people to develop, promote their own business and make a profit. All companies, which are trying to become famous and increase sales, have an Instagram account. This platform sells a variety of services and products, ranging from clothing and shoes to courses in astrology. And if you’re interested in creating a niche social network, go to https://agilie.com/en/blog/why-you-should-consider-creating-a-niche-social-network.

In «Instagram» is concentrated a very large audience, which can be turned into your own customers. In this article we will try to figure out what kind of business can successfully move through Instagram, and what tools to use

The advantage of Instagram for business

Instagram is becoming very popular and visited day by day. Promoting your own business here is a good idea. No matter what you do, you can find your own potential audience on Instagram. Increasing sales through Instagram is the key to your success.

According to statistics, 40 million people in Russia are marked on Instagram. Among all the world’s countries, the country ranks fifth in terms of the number of users of this social network. For the most part, Instagram attracts people aged 18-30. They are active on the Internet and choose online shopping instead of classic shopping.

Today «Instagram» is not only a real trading platform, but also a lot of opportunities for business development. Any self-respecting company has been using Instagram for a very long time in order to increase its own sales. Everything from clothes to makeup, and much more is implemented in this very simple platform.

Here its own audience will find as a creative person, and a serious entrepreneur. The popularity of this site is becoming more and more every day, which makes it more and more beautiful to promote their own business.

The advantage of Instagram for business

The Russian Federation ranks fifth in the number of Instagram users — 40 million are noted. The main category of Instagram users are older people 18-30 years old. Basically, they are active representatives of their own generation, who prefer online shopping.

An Instagram account can become a store in its own right. You can solve all the main tasks of the business here: to advertise your own goods, publish engaging content, communicate with customers.

What kind of business should go to Instagram

Not every business should go to Instagram. Not every product is suitable for successful promotion on this platform.

The advantage of Instagram for business

«Instagram is a social network for visuals. The beauty, attractiveness of the product and the sensual component are important here. Therefore, it is unlikely to sell plumbing furniture or building materials through «Instagram».

The price includes a set of materials for all programs in person + 2 days of live training online. Perpetual right to conduct 10 programs. No additional charges or fees. Launch in 2 days.

Decided to create an account for your own business? First of all, calculate whether Instagram has your potential audience. Do 18-35 year olds fall into your target market? Or maybe they don’t, but are having an impact on your audience?

Also, companies should assess their own ability to successfully apply the platform. brands built on visuals and beauty have an undeniable advantage: fashion, the beauty industry, clothing, decorative items, handmade goods, cafes and restaurants, etc. If your business belongs to one of these categories, you can safely start an account in «Instagram».

Well, if you work in another area — do not hurry to discount Instagram. The solution may not be on the surface, but a workable scheme exists. And with the right approach, you can adapt Instagram to your business.

What to keep in mind

What to take into account when selecting a blogger: choose accounts with a similar style, study the statistics (through the service Livedune or Epicdetect), request screenshots with coverage and impressions from the blogger. Next, study the ratio of actions to subscribers. The ideal combination is 10-15% of likes from the number of subscribers. Be sure to look at the relevance of comments.


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